7 Paper Gift Ideas to Help You Celebrate Your First Anniversary

You celebrated a beautiful wedding shared by family and friends that was marked by your loved for, and commitment to, one another. You’ve spent your first year as husband and wife building the life you’ll share for years to come. As you reach the first major milestone in your marriage—your first anniversary—take the time to celebrate just how far you’ve come, and everything you have to look forward to.

The best, and most traditional way to show your love and devotion at year one, is with a gift of paper. Paper has long been celebrated as the ideal first anniversary gift because it symbolizes strength. Paper’s strength comes from the interlaced connection of the paper’s individual threads, just like your strength as a couple comes from you’re your interlaced hands and hearts.

To help you celebrate your first anniversary together, and the strength of your bond, here are 7 paper gift Ideas to remind you and your partner just how committed you are to one another.

1. Photo Album. A beautiful photo album full of pages of your favorite memories Is a perfect way to reflect on your years together. Trying to enjoy your favorite photos by searching for them on your smart phone, and pinching and zooming to see them properly, will never give you the same satisfaction as slowly paging through high quality printed photos sitting side by side together on your couch, toasting your beautiful future. RSVP to me offers customizable photo albums and folders. Choose your silk colors, adornments, and add a monogram. starting at $29.95.

Gold-and-Ivory-Photo-Albums-and-Photo-Folders2. Print Your Wedding Vows. Whether you said “I Do” using traditional verse, or you chose to write your own, have your wedding vows printed on quality paper and framed so that they can be displayed in your home. Then, the next time you’re having a bad day, pause to read the special words your partner wrote to tell you just how very much you’re loved. We guarantee you’ll immediately feel better.

3. Tickets. Surprise your partner with tickets to your favorite sporting event, a concert, a broadway play, or a comedy show. One of the best gifts we can give to one another is our time. Plan a special night out together and toast to another beautiful year.

4. Write a Love Letter. This gift costs nothing, yet it comes from the heart, making it one of the most personal, and intimate gifts you can give. Tell him in your own words just how much the past year has meant to you, and how much you’re looking forward to the next 50.

Paper_Gift_Ideas_for_First_Wedding_Anniversary_Letter5. A Special Piece of Literature. Books have been inspiring us for generations. If your significant other is a lover of the written word, consider a hot-off-the-presses piece of fiction from his favorite author, or an original edition work of fiction, or a personal favorite autographed by the author.

6. An Evening Playing Cards in Atlantic City. You gambled on love and it payed off big. Spend the evening celebrating your anniversary Jersey-style at Atlantic City. Take a seat at the poker table, paper cards in hand, and see just how lucky you two are when you’re together.

Paper_Gifts_for_First_Anniversary_Playing_Cards7. A Vintage Map. Every couple has a place in the world that will always be special to them. It could be the city where you met, the town where you went to college together, or the place where you got engaged. Remember the city in the world that will always be your special place by framing a vintage map of the area and displaying it in your home.


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