The 6 Hottest Trends in Wedding Invitations in 2017

You don’t want to just walk down the aisle, you want to own it and walk it like a runway. For brides who want everything about their wedding to be chic, modern, trendy, and on point, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest trends in wedding invitation designs this wedding season. From monochromatic color palettes, to ethereal calligraphy, to unexpected rustic accents, we have all the top trends that we’re seeing from this season’s most forward-thinking brides. Get inspired by these hot designs, and then call us for your own consultation.

Handwriting-Inspired Calligraphy

A trend we’re loving right now are invitations dominated by handwriting-inspired calligraphy. This beautiful form of penmanship has been a popular element of wedding stationery design for many years, but never before have we seen such unique flourishes and one of a kind styles carry the entire invitation design. These calligraphy-forward designs feel more personal, as if each guest is receiving a handwritten note to a special, once in a lifetime event. Try it with bold colors, or in classic black and white to inspire your guests to plan for an evening of dancing under the stars.


Custom Monograms

Monograms symbolize two individuals, and two lives, coming together as one. They are elegant and inspiring and they take the ordinary to the outstanding. This season’s monograms are more than just letter lock-ups. They’re incorporating symbols and imagery that are personal to the couple, and that tie to the overall theme of the wedding. Incorporate your monogram on all of your day-of stationery and wedding elements, from menus, to programs, to thank you cards.

Wedding_Blue_White_Gold_NauticalGold Foil

Gold foil has the power to elevate any design and give it an appearance of regal elegance. Gold makes us think of everlasting wedding bands, clinking glasses full of effervescent Champaign, and golden anniversaries. Whether you incorporate small details of gold foil into your stationery elements, or go big with your names emblazoned in shimmering gold, this glittering adornment is a trend any wedding fashionista can pull off with flair.


Monochromatic Colors

Bold pops of color have been in style for awhile, but now what we’re seeing is a softer approach to signature pallets through a use of monochromatic colors. Starting with a light shade as a base, and adding text, imagery, and design elements in a slightly darker shade creates a romantic, ultra modern look.


Floral and Greenery Elements

We’re seeing flowers, leaves, petals, and wisps of grass popping up everywhere. Whether you incorporate a burst of pansies, add a single delicate leaf to your design, or border your stationery in ivy, if you choose to add floral or greenery elements to your wedding invitation, you’ll be trending up and bursting with naturally good vibes.

Wedding_Suite_Slver_Pink-Tan-Lindsay-Arnold-DWTSRustic Tags

Another trend for brides and grooms looking to establish a natural, earthy feeling is to add rustic tags in unexpected places. We particularly love contrasting delicate lace with rugged burlap, or winding twine around a pastel pink envelope.


Make These Hot Trends Your Own

Your wedding invitation is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding. It offers a sneak peek into your plans and inspires your guests to get excited for the beautiful day you’ve been planning. It is a critical component of your wedding and sets the tone for everything that follows. That’s why any design you choose has to be perfect. A high-quality execution of any of these trends is sure to delight your friends and family, and will serve as a permanent reminder of that one special moment in time when you both said, “I do.”


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