How to Choose Mitzvah Party Favors that Will Wow Your Guests

The memories of your child’s mitzvah will last a lifetime, so be sure to send every guest home with a reminder of the special day that they will cherish for years to come. If you’re ready to choose a memorable, creative, fun, child-friendly (and budget-friendly!) mitzvah favor, read our tips below for choosing memorable bar/bat mitzvah favors.

1. Make Sure Your Favors Fit Your Theme.
By now, you’ve likely chosen a theme for your son or daughter’s special day. Whether it’s a sports theme, music theme, princess theme, or anything in between, make sure your favors compliment your chosen theme and work to tie every element together. DJ themed? Send each guest home with a CD of your son or daughter’s favorite music. Sports themed? Gift your guests a custom sports-themed t-shirt with your son or daughter’s name and the year of their mitzvah on the back.


2. Color Coordinate
Even if you haven’t chosen a specific theme, you’ve likely determined the color combo that will define all the elements of the event. Make sure your gifts match not just your colors, but your textures, design elements, and the small details that will define your event’s signature style.


3. Remember that Everyone Loves a Sweet Treat
A signature candy buffet or dessert bar is the perfect combination of a sweet treat, and a take-home gift for your guests. Just remember the first two rules: Stay within your color pallet and your theme! At Sweet by RSVP to me, every candy buffet or dessert table we create is custom designed to fit your unique theme. No color combination, or theme element is too much of a challenge for our creative team of candy craftsman!

Mitzvah_Candy_Buffet_New_Jersey4. Make it Personal

A bar/bat mitzvah is an individual celebration of a young man or woman’s transition to adulthood. Every aspect of the day should honor them and their accomplishment. Send your guests home with a gift that rightfully celebrates your son or daughter’s impressive rite of passage. Click here to see our line of customizable gifts.


5. Remember to Include Your Son or Daughter in the Planning Process
Moms and Dads have lots to plan when it comes to throwing a once-in-a-lifetime Mitzvah. Between busy schedules and vendor deadlines, you may start to feel the pressure to make quick decisions. Don’t forget to involve your son or daughter in the planning process, however. He/she will know exactly what types of clothes and gifts are popular among their friends. They may also have some favorite ideas from mitzvahs they have attended recently too. By including them in the planning process, they’ll get an even better sense of just how important the day is, and they’re guaranteed to be thrilled with the final gifts you choose together.

For more tips, including how to plan a stress-free mitzvah, click here.

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