Three Spring 2017 Wedding Color Trends

This spring, we expect to see more of the elegant, feminine, and romantic colors that walked down the aisle in spring and summer of 2016, including pallets of sage, blush, and rose, as well as aqua, blush, and cream. We are also expecting a few new trends for spring 2017, however. For brides looking to be beautiful, and a trendsetter on their wedding day, here are three fresh, new, colorful spring wedding color themes to consider.

Steel blue, blush, and gold.

What we love about this color trend is the contrast between cool blue, and warm pink. Add to those two complimenting opposites a shimmer of glittering gold, and the final combination is part ocean water, party summer sunshine, and all love. This trio makes us think of blushing brides, grooms with ultramarine eyes, and yellow gold wedding rings.

For brides who choose this theme, expect to see bridesmaids in pastel pink dresses, cornflower blue floral accents, and glittering gold cake toppers, jewelry, and even heels.

2017 Spring Wedding color trends blue gold pink

Lavender, Pink, and Sage

Inspired by spring flowers, we expect to see brides choose this pastoral color pallet for its simplicity and charm. Natural greens perfectly compliment delicate lavenders, so pale they almost seem like whispers. Topped off with just hints of glowing pink, this trio is as delicate as it is memorable, and makes us think of wedding proposals in fields of flowers, and little girls playing dress-up bride in princess gowns.

Expect to be invited to outdoor weddings where you’ll see bouquets of pink and purple roses, and table settings adorned with rose petals and lavender tapered candles.


Teal, Marigold, and Rouge

Shades of pink are definitely a staple in this season’s hottest wedding color trends. For spring brides looking to introduce more of a summer color pallet into their wedding, you can go bold with this seaside summertime color combination. Pastel teal and marigold are cool and breezy, but when complimented by stunning pink, the three are a true triple threat. These colors make us think of summer taffy at the Jersey Shore, summertime playgrounds, and bluebirds.

Expect to see spring brides rocking this color pallet with favors presented in tiny teal boxes, tall layer cakes topped with pink daisies, and vows exchanged beside glowing orange sunsets.


Whether you choose to go bold, pastel, or floral for your spring wedding, remember that what’s most important is to make it your own. Whichever trend you choose, every detail you select and choice you make should reflect you and your groom and be a memorable part of your special day.


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