RSVP to me Designs Rustic Invitations that Wow Wedding Couple

For Stephanie & Christopher, a barn wedding was the perfect way to get married their way while expressing their unique style, and special love. A barn wedding also gave Stephanie an opportunity to take a more hands-on approach with her wedding, creating many of the wedding favors and finishing touches herself. Where Stephanie needed the touch of an experienced professional was when it came to her wedding invitations. With the help of the prolific Kelly Adams, Stephanie was able to invite her wedding guests to join her on her wedding day with handmade and completely unique invitations that perfectly fit her rustic wedding theme.

“Neither of us are into glitz and glamour,” said Stephanie about herself and her fiancé, “So our goal was a wedding that would highlight nature and simplicity but still be beautiful.”

Reflecting a love and appreciation of nature, and keeping the focus on the importance of the day itself was important for Stephanie and Christopher. Invitations that reflected the rustic wedding theme was a key element of their wedding that the couple was not willing to risk with a DIY solution.
“Although 99 percent of our wedding was DIY, the invitations were something I knew I couldn’t tackle alone,” said Stephanie. “It was important to us that our invitations align with our theme because it would set the tone for our wedding.”

Stephanie knew that her guests would look to the invitations when deciding what to expect from the venue, ambiance, and tone of the wedding, and she wanted to send the right message.

“We definitely didn’t want guests to arrive in ball gowns and tuxedos, and, by the same token, we didn’t want them to show up in tee shirts and shorts!”

Kelly designed invitations that aligned perfectly with Stephanie and Christopher’s rustic, natural theme. Using lots of white space, neutral, natural colors, and a hint of lace wrapped with twine, the final stationery suite was simple but elegant, rustic but refined.


The ivory invitation cards were bordered by bold navy and trimmed with a neutral, earthy, kraft. Kelly used a combination of font styles throughout the individual stationery pieces, all of which perfectly complimented one another. As an added touch, Kelly designed a flourishing swirl adornment, reminiscent of a delicate floral branch or fragile leaf to underscore the overall natural theme of the event.



When it came time to choose a stationer, the decision, for Stephanie, was easy.

“We chose RSVP to me because of Kelly!” said Stephanie. “I was already so exhausted by designing every other aspect of the wedding that when I arrived at my appointment, I basically just had to explain the venue and theme. She handled everything else! She gave me a timeline and even helped me out with proper wording. It was so nice to relinquish some control and know that our invitations would be perfect!”

For Stephanie, Kelly’s signature, handmade stationery creations were the perfect touch for her rustic, DIY wedding.

“When Kelly delivered the box of invitations, I think I literally jumped up and down!” said Stephanie. “We sent them out right away and immediately received such amazing feedback from our guests! We knew that some of our more ‘traditional attendees’ were wary of a wedding in a barn, but once they received the invitation, their worries seemed to subside completely. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the final product!”

If you would like RSVP to me to help you design your next event’s special event, contact us today.

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