RSVP to me’s Last Minute Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Let’s be real. Who honestly needs another tie for the holidays? Or a toaster. Or another scarf? This holiday season, give your loved ones something that will prove just how much you love them and how much time and effort you spent deciding on a holiday gift as unique and special as they are. We all have a lot of shopping to do, but when you make personal choices and spend the time truly customizing your gift giving strategy for your loved one, you end up with a thoughtful gift he or she will value for years (and not turn around and re-gift when their next co-worker celebrates an office birthday).

Here is the RSVP to me gift-giving guide for all of the special loved ones on your list.

For your former college roommate who just got engaged


Choose an elegant wedding picture frame that she can use after the big event. Add a monogram of her new initials to the corner of the frame to make it special. Choose silks that match her bridesmaids’ dresses, and add a glittering brooch to create something that will be an ideal centerpiece in her home that will last a lifetime.

For your niece who will be graduating from high school this spring


2017 will be all about her graduation, so give her a gift that will show her just how proud of her you are by choosing a customizable graduation year water bottle. She can not only use it throughout the rest of high school, it will be the ideal memento for her to carry from home to her new college campus. Available in a variety of colors and styles, personalize the water bottle with her name, graduation year, or a special message in any style.

For your over-stressed boss

the_mini_spa_treatmentShow her that you know she works hard and that her efforts never go unappreciated with a soothing at-home, luxurious spa treatment. This mini spa treatment includes everything your boss will need to relax, renew, and rejuvenate dry, rough skin, including:

  • A soothing lavender sleep mask
  • A healing lavender soy lotion candle
  • Lavender spa cream
  • Lavender relaxation oil


For your parents who will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary


Give them a gift that they can incorporate into their party plans. This mirrored gold “Best Day Ever” cake topper will show them that you are thinking of them and their special day all year long. The best part? After their anniversary, they can re-use it for birthdays, holidays, and any other special day that has been meaningful in their lives.

For your sporty son


Whether he plays soccer, lacrosse, football, or all three, any active youth can benefit from a lightweight, versatile, drawstring canvas sport bag. Make it personal by choosing his team color and personalizing it with his name and number. This is a gift he will truly enjoy and use frequently as he totes his cleats, jersey, books, and other school and sporting gear in it day after day.

This holiday season, remember that store-bought, off-the-shelf gifts are nice, but personal, thoughtful, and customized gifts are better. As you execute your last-minute shopping strategy, choose gifts for your loved ones that prove just how much you care about what 2017 will hold for them.

Also, remember that RSVP can help! Visit our online retail store for even more customizable options.

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