10 Memorable Mitzvah Invitations. Mazel Tov!

As we celebrate our tenth anniversary all year long, we are remembering some of our favorite invitations that we’ve had the pleasure of designing over the past ten years. Check out our list of our 10 (actually there are 11 since it was impossible to just choose 10!) memorable wedding invitations. Now we’re counting down 10 of our most memorable Mitzvah invitations.

We love designing Bar/Bat Mitzvah invites because so many of our young clients are so creative and personal in the themes they choose for their special day. From sports themes, to party themes, to vibrant colors, to classic palettes, our top ten have it all. Check them all out and then tell us which is your favorite.


Vibrant Colors with a Touch of Glitter: Rachel Morgan and Allison Jill

What we love the most about this B’not Mitzvah invitation is the choice of color. The purple orchid and turquoise color palette is feminine and fun­—the perfect choices for two fabulous young ladies. The touches of glitter around the borders adds an unexpected pop of fun and puts us in the mood to celebrate. The detailed scalloped detail along the front edge of the envelope pairs perfectly with the pointed diamond pattern repeated throughout, softening the whole look and tying each component together perfectly.



Sporty and Fun: Parker Logan

We love when our clients want to incorporate their favorite pastimes, teams, or hobbies into their themes. The theme for this Bar Mitzvah was soccer – Major League Soccer, in fact! And if that wasn’t fun enough, we worked with a vibrant neon green and cobalt blue color palette. Each element in the stationery suite used these fun colors effectively to create an overall look that stands out in the most memorable way. When our logo design reflects our clients’ personalities and passions, we know we have created something special, and accomplished our ‘goals’. (see what we did there?)



Red Hot Dance Party: Noah Samuel

What young man wouldn’t want his Mitzvah to be a fun celebration with friends and family? We love this nightclub reception theme and had fun using wild red, nighttime black, and spotlight platinum to create that dance party vibe. With such bright colors, we kept the rest of the design simple with minimal vertical lines and lots of white space. The overall look is one of equal parts fun party, and sophisticated celebration.



A Design That’s Out of this World: David Isaac

Our goal for this Bar Mitzvah invitation was to create something that’s out of this world, and outstanding. To create a feeling of galaxy wonderment, we used a font that conjures up feelings sci-fi movies and space ship dashboards. We created a swirling design to recreate a swirling galaxy and dotted it with star dust. Using cosmic neon green and midnight sky blue, everything comes together to creating an overall design that is truly stellar.



Party Girl Pink: Jordan Mikayla

We love when young ladies tell us they want invitations that use bright colors, glitter and bows! We were able to do so much with this design to create an overall look that is fun, vibrant, and unique. From the teal glitter border, to the hot pint and lime green color accents, to the zig zag pewter and white striped envelope, each unique element works to create a look that makes us want to put on our brightest shade of lipstick, crank up the pop tunes, and get ready to party. To keep the whole look mature and sophisticated, we incorporated a silver sharkskin paper for the printed pieces. To pull it all together, we wrapped the envelope with a neon green bow, the perfect way to send a message of a young lady’s special day.custom-mizvah-invitations-nj_hot-pink-neon-green


Mellow and Memorable: Jennifer Elyse and Jonathan Michael

For this B’nai Mitzvah, we created a design that incorporates circles and squares. The two complimentary shapes lend themselves to a cohesive feeling of balance. We also used three neutral/complimentary shares of green—teal, chartreuse, and olive. The three colors complement one another perfectly, just like the circles and squares, to create a look that is completely unique. There is one more element woven through this design, and it’s a pattern of three. We use three shades of green, a repeating patter of three circles in a row, and a tri-folded invitation to further unite each of these different, but complimentary elements for these two special siblings.


We also designed a candy buffet for this event, which also used these mellow and memorable colors in a delicious, and delightful way.



Pow! A Comic Book Inspired Invitation: Brandon Samuel

For this Bar Mitzvah invitation, we were challenged to incorporate a comic book theme. We had fun using several familiar comic book design elements in this invitation, such as a dialogue bubble and sections of content reminiscent of comic book scene panes. We also added a gradient of dots that feels like what you’d see in traditional newspaper print comics. To really make this design POP we added eye-catching green and dark blue colors and a font that feels like comic book dialogue text. The end result: an invitation that POPs and WOWs!



Traditional and Timeless: Aaron Matthew

This Bar Mitzvah invitation is classic and refined. In colors of tan with hints of navy blue and an elegant gold and navy braided border, this design honors the tradition of the Bar Mitzvah as a rite of passage and memorable life accomplishment.



Dancing at the After Party: Morgan Nicole

This Bat Mitzvah invitation screams party on the dance floor. With a hot pink and neon yellow border, font reminiscent of an 80s disco, paired with a swirling, scripted font for the guest of honor, this invitation makes us want to turn up the tunes and kick off our shoes. Our favorite part is the signature design element of the MV icon on the after party invitation card. The pink and yellow gradient letters in the circular border feel like party search lights pointing up into the night sky—the perfect way to signal your friends to your after-party.’



The Power of Words: Brooke Ashley and Jordan Matthew

Without any images, design patterns, or icons on this B’nai Mitzvah invitation, it still has the power to create emotion and convey to the recipient a sense of excitement and accomplishment. Simply using a variety of font styles and text sizes, this invitation offers a beautiful and simple design. A cheerful silver glitter border and navy and black text keep the overall design refined and sophisticated. The size of the words “Love, Pride, Joy, Brooke, and Jordan,” tell the recipient all they need to know: This invitation is for an event that will celebrate the amazing accomplishment of two special individuals.


Which of these designs is your favorite? Are you drawn to sporty or sophisticated? Refined or designed? Wild or whimsical?  Tell us in the comments below and watch for our ten most memorable special occasion invites coming up next!

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