Fall 2016 Wedding Color Trends

Labor Day is now behind us, and you know what that means: The Fall season is upon us! Breathe in the scent of pumpkin spice lattes, pull your fuzzy boots out of the back of your closet, and line up your fantasy football draft! We loved the pale pinks, opulent golds, and ethereal greens of our summer wedding color pallets, but it’s now time to turn toward the color combos that are going to rock weddings this Fall. Whether you are planning a Fall wedding, or simply planning to attend, we have the rundown on all you need to know about this season’s hottest color trends.

Trend # 1: Earth Tones – Lime Green, Aqua, and Cappuccino

Earth Tones Wedding 2016









Earth Tones Custom Wedding Invites




Custom wedding invites green earth tones








Custom dessert table blue aqua oreosWhat we love about earth tones is how natural and organic they make everything feel. After all, there is nothing artificial about true love, right? Expect to see tasteful brides wearing creams and eggshell whites accompanied by bridesmaids wearing sage greens, or jeweled blues. Look for bouquets with lots of greenery, and invitations with subtle coffee browns and pops of lime and aqua. It makes us want to pull a cozy sweater over our heads just thinking about these cool, classic color combos!

Trend # 2 Elegant Inspiration – Eggplant, Periwinkle, and Mint
periwinkle_mint_eggplant wedding colors

The pale lavenders we loved so much this summer are being upgraded to deep, bold, opulent eggplants. Expect to see floral bouquets with shades of dark purple and pops of white, and bridesmaids wearing jewel-toned, richly hued purples. Watch for stationery sets with bold purples offset by gentle pinks and periwinkle blues. This color pallet makes us think of grandiose ballrooms, decadent desserts, and sparkler sendoffs!

Dark Purple and mint green custom wedding invites






Trend # 3 Bold Romance – Royal Blue, Raspberry, and Pale Pink


 For the boldest brides, expect to see vibrant royal blues, coupled with sweet raspberries and soft, pale pinks. This non-traditional Fall color pallet will allow brides to extend the Summer season while still evoking thoughts of cooler nights, and impending frosty mornings. Look for royal blue bridesmaids’ dresses, brides carrying vibrant pink bouquets with pale pink cheeks and lips, and stationery that pops shades of pink offset by warm tans and browns. This pallet makes us want to give our strappy summer sandals one more chance to show-off our hot pink Pedis!pink and blue custom wedding invite

pink and blue custom wedding invite

Are you planning a Fall wedding?  What colors will send you down the aisle this season? Tell us in the comments below!

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