Cut the Cake

Impress Your Wedding Guests with a Custom Dessert Table or Candy Buffet

Cake is undoubtedly a traditional wedding element, however experts estimate that only 60 percent of wedding guests actually eat and enjoy the perfectly frosted slice of cake that they are served. How can this be when brides and grooms agonize over the perfect cake-filling-frosting trifecta? The biggest reason why wedding guests pass on cake, is due to preference. Believe it or not, there are some people who simply do not like chocolate (I know, right?!) or butter crème frosting, or even raspberry filling.

Another one of the biggest factors that impacts the amount of uneaten wedding cake, has to do with how it is served. Some banquet facilities and restaurants will give each guest a piece of cake, even if they don’t want it. Others will ask each guest if they would like cake and serve it accordingly, and still others will cut the cake, put it on small plates on a large table, and allow guests to take a slice if they are so inclined. With so much wedding cake going to waste at weddings across the nation, there has to be a better option that will delight guests while still fitting the couple’s overall theme, and adding a visually dynamic element to the overall wedding motif.

Enter the dessert table.

Brides and grooms across the country are increasingly cutting the cake from their wedding day menu in place of a custom dessert table or candy buffet. Why the appeal of the desert table?

Variety.Dessert Bar New Jersey
Forget trying to appease each and every guest with only one dessert. Your guests have given you the gift of spending the most important day of your life with you. Treat them to whatever type of sweet they crave the most. Forget chocolate or vanilla and instead pick both, and add to that cake pops, chocolate covered pretzel sticks, chocolate covered Oreos and macaroons.

Parisian Themed Dessert Table NJ

Visual Interest

Wedding cakes are lovely and they can certainly act as interesting displays at your reception, but once they have been cut, that design element is gone. Dessert tables and candy buffets add visual interest and will last throughout the evening.

They EnhancWedding dessert bar New Jerseye Your Theme.
Wedding cakes can be designed to fit the style of your wedding, but only a candy buffet can offer dozens of elements designed to fit your unique wedding color theme.



They Appeal to Every Type of Post-Dinner Craving
We all have our sweet preferences. Some of your guests are likely to reach for a soft, sweet, frosted cupcake, while others are going to crave salty, crunchy pretzel sticks, or the long-lasting enjoyment of brightly colored rock candy, and still others will be enticed by sour, gummies. Why offer only one dessert option when your guests crave so much more?

They Serve as Additional Wedding Favors
Many of our couples elect to set small baggies out at their candy buffet table at the end of the night and encourage their guests to take a sample of their favorite sweets with them to go. After an evening of celebrating, dancing, laughing and crying tears of joy, what better way to send your guests off at the end of the evening than with a colorful, delicious reminder of a wonderful evening.

They are Perfect for MoBirthday party dessert tablere than Just Weddings
Dessert tables aren’t just a growing trend for couples planning weddings. They are popping up at all types of special occasions. From baby showers, first communions, and mitzvah’s, to birthdays, engagement parties, corporate events, and anniversaries, candy buffets and dessert tables offer event planners a modern alternative to traditional dessert plating’s.

For more information on custom dessert tables and candy buffets, contact the creative team at Sweet by RSVP to me today.

Custom Dessert Bar New Jersey Shore


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