Puzzle Perfect Invitations

The greatest part of using a professional service to create and print your invitations is that when it comes to ideas and customization, the sky is the limit. If you can think of it…we can deliver your dreams.

Thinking outside the box (or envelope) makes your invitation that much more special and gives it that WOW factor to all of your guests. Recently we were given the opportunity to collaborate with a vendor that we have always worked with very closely with. We had so much fun designing and coming up with our creation, we just had to share/brag!

Proving invitations can be both elegant and fun at the same time, we made invitations that were puzzles. Yes, you read correctly. Each invitation was a small puzzle and when properly put together revealed all the information of the party. Double matted with our new summer paper added a special and unique touch because obviously we couldn’t send out just a single layer card, lol. The individual pieces were broken up and placed in a see-through envelope and sealed with the latest craze (washi tape).

Can you think of a more exciting way to invite a guest to your event??  Yeah, neither could we. We think this is absolutely perfect for a kids birthday invitation or a fun Save the Date. This was a very special 13 year birthday party but of course the mom had to embarrass her new teenager with a cake smash picture from her first birthday party (yes that part was a surprise to even the birthday girl, lol).
We are always looking for ways to push the envelope (ok, seriously we’ll stop now with the puns) and this is one of our favorites so far! Some imagination, our love for our work and your next special event are the perfect ingredients, so contact us and let’s cook something up together.


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